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Creative Movement & Art Classes

for Children Aged 2-8

What's in a Session?

What makes our classes so special is they contain a good mix of activities for young children (and their accompanying adult!). Classes begin with a fun full body movement session. We're not teaching 'steps' as such, but rather encouraging each child's confidence in exploring and discovering what they can do physically and imaginatively. We go upside down, we twist, we jump, we use a range of different music styles and we get tired from all the activity!


This is followed most weeks with a making activity and can range from painting and drawing to making masks, boats, , musical instruments and so much more!


Our classes are theme based and range from dinosaurs to simple machines, to the history of dance and outer space adventures.


What are the benefits?

We believe that the palette of skills that a positive experience with dance and art as whole offers, has long-term and far-reaching positive effects. Our sessions can help a child build confidence by guiding them to explore their own creativity, their own voice and their own physical presence. Children get to play, to interact, to have fun. We encourage them to participate and to shape the way each session is run so they start to trust in their ideas and themselves.

For more information contact Yael

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