Events & Birthday Parties

Creative Movement & Art Classes

for Children Aged 2-8



Move 'n' Make offers a unique experience for public events and birthday parties.


Each event is individually created and tailored to your needs.

Perhaps you fancy just a movement session. Maybe it is a movement and making session.

We work with themes, so whatever your preferred theme is, there is a fun and energetic

Move 'n' Make session waiting to happen!


We can organise the whole event or just a portion; creative movement sessions,

games with prizes, themed dances, costumes and prop making.


We work with groups and festivals small and large, inside, outside, upside down and inside out!


Below are some examples of recent events.


And from April 8-17th, come and see our interactive show for children and families

at the V&A Museum:

The Dance of Spring

Free for everyone!

Shows run: 11am, 1pm, 3pm


Get in touch to discuss your next party or event.




Themed Birthday Parties


You name it, we can turn any theme into a Move 'n' Make party!


Beach Party, Pirates and Mermaids/Mermen, Hawaiian Luau, Superheroes and Fairies, Space Travel, Popular show based themes with a creative twist...the possibilities are endless.


If you choose to have a making activity, all materials are included. From cape-making to instrument making, children will have a chance to Move 'n' Make something unique.

Southbank Centre

Imagine Festival

for Children, 2015



For three days, Move 'n' Make became Move 'n' Shake!


Together with percussionist Andres Ticino, we got the Clore Ballroom in the Royal Festival Hall moving and shaking.


A high octane, 30 minute session with dance, music, imagination and celebration en masse.

Themes included: Children in Charge, Travelling, and Adventure.

Garden, Community and Festivals


Enjoying the open space and bringing people together, Move 'n' Make experiences can bring adults and children together, exploring their community and environment in creative ways.


Like any Move 'n' Make event, we work with you to design the best activities. Movement, art activities and face painting!

For more information on Events & Birthday Parties contact Claire

Tel: 07734 084151

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